Do More For The Social Issues You Care About

Come collaborate with diverse changemakers, activists, dreamers, social entrepreneurs, charities and more, to create the Singapore of our dreams, together.

A Good Space is Singapore's first co-operative for changemakers, by changemakers

We believe every citizen can be a changemaker. As a co-operative, we hope to do five things for Singapore.

Cultivate Empathy

Towards diverse social issues through innovative experiences created by our members

Deepen Collaboration

Between diverse changemakers to solve some of Singapore’s most pressing social issues

Nurture Civic Leaders

To create more strategic change through opportunities like workshops and closed door dialogues with key influencers

Create Financial Sustainability

Changemakers often struggle to find funds and revenue to sustain the good work they are doing. We want to help change that

Mobilise Companies

To use their people and resources to benefit the communities around them

Come partner us to create positive change, together!

Whether you are an individual, changemaker or organisation, here are 3 ways you could get involved with A Good Space and our members


Come learn about a wide range of social issues through the innovative activities organised by our changemakers!


Have a project to create social change? Come be a part of a community of fellow changemakers who want you to succeed!



Looking for innovative ways to engage your employees and inspire them to discover a sense of purpose at work? We can help! 

“The content of the events helps expand my perspectives on how I can contribute to different communities and play a part in creating an inclusive society”

Velda Wong

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Be the first to know about exciting events, activities, social experiments and games organised by our changemakers

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